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Fact and truth, text and body

Is film a viable medium for communicating scholarly knowledge? Such is the question driving the Seminar in Visual Ethnography that John Jackson (informally) co-teaches with Professor Stanton Wortham in the Graduate School of Education. I attended the class yesterday to see a friend of mine, Noam Osband, guest lecture. Noam is a doctoral candidate in anthropology and has successfully lobbied the dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to accept a filmic dissertation. If film can serve as a means of communicating ethnography – and as Noam sees it, a unique and inherently valuable medium for such endeavors – how does one strike the perfect chord between fact and truth, didacticism and lyricism,…

Culture Lab @ ASC.

The Culture Lab is a forum for researchers at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania committed to exploring, enriching, and elucidating the contours of culture and communication. We are interested in culture as it is, as it takes shape, and as it is remembered. We are interested, in other words, in culture anywhere that it exists.
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