Walter Annenberg and The Black Power Mixtape

Last Tuesday, I watched the The Black Power Mixtape (currently streaming on Netflix) to tend my soul after the disastrous Supreme Court ruling on voting rights protections. The film is a fascinating look at media representations of the Black Power Movement through Swedish eyes. The footage was gathered from 1967-1975 by Swedish journalists but was not produced and released until 2011 by Swedish director Goran Olssen and U.S. co-producer Danny Glover. The... Read More

The Simplicity of Strangers

I took a break from talking about the intersections of art and communication at the Cultural Studies Association conference in Chicago recently to look at some contemporary art in situ. Something about Strangers (2008) by Amalia Pica (pictured here) made me linger. A string of multi-colored flags lays limp on a wall, as if the detritus from a family party in a midwestern garage. As I tried to quickly make sense of it, my thoughts vacillated between... Read More

Culture Lab @ ASC.

The Culture Lab is a forum for researchers at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania committed to exploring, enriching, and elucidating the contours of culture and communication. We are interested in culture as it is, as it takes shape, and as it is remembered. We are interested, in other words, in culture anywhere that it exists.
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